1. Lil3piggies

    Which Nuggets?

    Hi guys! I’m currently looking on pets at home at nuggets for the little guys but there’s just so many! Currently they’re on pets at home nuggets but they’re about to run out. In your opinions which nuggets are best? (I’ll slowly introduce new nuggets when I get them to get them used to them...
  2. Lil3piggies

    Vegetables And Nuggets!

    Hi guys! I've read a lot about how much guinea pigs should be eating of veg and nuggets but I've read a lot of different things so I'm a bit confused. Vegetables What food can they eat daily? And how much veg should they be having each day? Nuggets The nuggets that I have suggest 60grams...
  3. RJade

    Science Selective?

    I just wondered what the general opinion was on science selective? My guinea pigs have come on leaps and bounds since I have had them on it, after being fed rubbish mixed food at the breeders. I've read lots of positive reviews online, I just wondered what anyone else thought of it. While...
  4. Piggy mum

    Changing Nuggets?

    Hi all I am thinking of changing my 3 pigs over to burgess excel as they're on pets at home nuggets at the moment and I'm worried they're bad quality! Does anyone know if burgess is better then pets at home or have any tips on introducing new nuggets? Thanks!
  5. Cherrychops100

    Which Nuggets?

    hi there, I'm getting 2 female Guinea pigs in March. I'm obviously researching a lot and that's why I came to this forum. Which nuggets should I feed them? I want to avoid muesli to prevent selective feeding and I know about avoiding alfalfa and calcium. (Except from when they're still growing...
  6. Elgifu321

    Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets?

    Caspar (my baby teddy boar) and Ronan (my baby texel boar: tonights addition, a lone runt that nobody, including the breeder wanted so I couldn't help myself) were both fed heygates rabbits choice pellets as well as refugees (which I feed a bit of alongside Timothy hay) before I got them so I...
  7. Beans&Toast

    Vetcare Plus Multi Modal Food

    I've been looking at getting new nuggets for Toast as she has a lot of health issues most of the time. Recurring cystitis, unstable weight, bladder issues, bloat.. I've found this; VetCarPlus Multi-Modal Guinea Pig Food | Edibles | The Hay Experts It says it's good for all of the issues I...
  8. D

    Low Calcium Food Suggestions Please

    Hi everyone, One of our piggies has had blood in her urine for the last couple of days. We took her to the vets and he was fairly certain she had a UTI and she is now on Baytril antibiotics. If this doesn't clear it up, she will need blood tests, and if nothing shows up she'll need an x-ray...
  9. buttonlove

    Best Guinea Pig Nuggets In The Uk?

    Hi all! So I've just been told by another piggy friend, that the Burgess Excell Nuggets aren't very good for piggies - due to the lucerine & molasses. Now, I already knew about the molasses, but thought the benefit of the food outwayed that. However Lucerine stands for Alfalfa! Which I am not...
  10. Chief Guinea Pig

    Bed & Breakfast

    @Kerrie74 @biscandmatt @Drezella (Can't remember who I normally tag XD)