nutrition help

  1. Sherman and Shaggy's Mom

    Is there such a thing as too much hay?

    Hello, I have two baby boars about 7 months and after removing their hay rack, hay is now on the floor, due to someone's suggestion they are eating like crazy. I just bought a big 96 oz bag like 3 days ago and its halfway gone. Is that good? Is that healthy to eat so much? They make me feel...
  2. P

    Hamster safe fruits, veg, seeds & nuts - New owner in need of guidance.

    I'm a new hammy owner and I've been reading up on what fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts are safe for thier consumption. However, I read on one website that "feeding seeds that are packaged for humans can lead to health problems like obesity and diabetes in hamsters, because additives such as salt...
  3. sesen

    Heartbroken new mommy

    Hi all, I have been scolling the forums for a while now looking for tips on caring for my guinea pig, unfortunately today was a bad day for me, I will try make this as short as possible. I live in Turkey in an apartment complex, about a year and a half ago I noticed a dog carrier placed in the...