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odd noises

  1. jesse1234

    strange behaviour in my piggie

    hi, new here, just looking for some advice. i have a 2 year old rescued guinea pig named oswald, and he has been concerning me for he past hour or so. he's never had any health issues or concerns prior. when he's eating his hay, not when eating pepper or anything else, he makes a sort of low...
  2. L

    Baby Guinea Pig Making a Weird Sound

    Hi, one of my babies (she was born on April 25th) was in her igloo with her mom and i noticed that she was making a weird whistling type sound. I can’t really describe it, but i’ll try to post a video to show it. I’ve heard her doing this a lot and I don’t know what it means or if she’s hurting...
  3. R

    Guinea Pig Making Weird Gurgling Noises?

    My three year old guinea pig just started making some odd noises about five minutes ago. It sounded like his stomach was grumbling but he's never made noises like this before. When I walked up to his cage to investigate he made an odd whining noise. I assumed that he was hungry so I gave him...