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off food

  1. HW023

    Pig Off Food, Need Help!

    Sorry, this is gonna be a long one. I need help. Ive had my baby Pigpog for 3 years. i adopted him and they didnt know how old he was so his overall age is a mystery. A few months ago he started drinking more than usual, took him to the vet they said just keep an eye on it, if it get too...
  2. Beans&Toast

    Does This Require Urgent Vets Today?

    I'm away for work today so my Mum is looking after the pigs but something is wrong with Toast so I'd appreciate any help. Okay long story short (sort of) as of Friday morning Toast hasn't been herself. (She's had on/off dental problems and bloat problems for the 2 years I've had her).She was...
  3. Banbh

    Guinea Pig Suddenly Not Eating Much

    I've got four guinea pigs, two males & two females. It's one of the females I'm worried about. Pickle has been rather quiet today, as well as not eating very much. She's still pooing, and they don't look unusual. Booked a vet appointment for tomorrow, but is there anything I can do in the...
  4. Bekialice

    Wilma...again/vampire Bite?

    Hiya, Wilma is nearly 6 and she seems to be bouncing from problem to problem at the moment. She was a bit off her food this morning, still eating and having a good go at a lettuce leaf. But she wasn't as excited to get it and she didn't want a leaf of spinach (her favourite treat). She was...
  5. Dewi Rhys Jones

    Ref: Guinea Pig Not Eating, Possibly Teeth? Need Advice

    hi there I have just spotted my guinea pig Joni is off her food, and i suspect it may be tooth related. I've kept guinea pigs for about 5 years now, and lost one of my boars to a similar issue last year. I took him to have his back teeth ground down, but unfortunately he never picked up from...
  6. S

    8-9 Year Old Male Stopped Eating And Drinking

    Hi! I am based in the UK and just after a little bit of advice. I have a male guinea pig who is 8-9 years old now. He has done absolutley brilliantly, loosing his sole mate 4 years ago I thought he might deteriorate and not last much longer, but he has. However, over the past two days his...