old female

  1. G

    Old girl

    Hi all, I have a (nearly) 4 year old female called Ginger, the past few months I’ve noticed some changes in her: the whites of the her eye coming over into the colour and a small lump along her spine (near the rib cage). I’ve had her out today and I’ve noticed her nipples have some sort of...
  2. N

    Guinea pig bleeding from anus, does it require a vet?

    When my guinea pig turned seven gradually the fur on her rear end became matted and covered with presumably faeces, now she has recently turned eight. This morning I found a pile of her droppings surrounded by blood. Later when giving her some fresh food, she excreted once again but she didn't...
  3. MochaLocha

    Sick Guinea Pig

    With Chestnut dying in September of this year I was hoping I would be able to get over her death and have no more of it but now one of my other piggies is sick I think I can't avoid it. She cannot breathe very well and is super stuffy, the smell of her reminds me of these cats I knew that had...
  4. M

    Dental Old Guinea pig losing weight

    Hi all! This is my first post on here! My guinea pig, Skyla, is over 6 years old now and she has started losing weight. I know that it is normal for older guinea pigs to lose weight but I’m still concerned non the less. I brought her down to the vets a few weeks ago when these problems started...
  5. dannif_piggies

    Advice on Spaying a six year old piggy

    So back around May time, Honey was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, and the options we were given was to spay or have a hormone impnat put into the scruff of her neck. Obviously the spay would be a permanent fix, but the implant would cause less distress, and potentially be "safer" for Honey due to...