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older guinea pig

  1. sarahpiggies

    Foods to Help Elderly Piggies Gain/Maintain Weight?

    Hi all, in the UK here and I have a fairly old piggie, Willow, who was fully grown when we got her as a rescue 6 years ago. She is the tri-colour Abyssinian in the photo below, snuggling with her best buddy Lyra! I think she is around 7 years old. She has had ovarian cysts with symptoms on and...
  2. T

    Guinea Pig Drinking A Lot Of Water

    Recently my guinea pig has been drinking a lot of water, she is over 6/7 years old I cannot remember exactly, I know that may sound bad but she is a baby of one of my old Guinea pigs☺️ and I was quite young when she was born so I didn't think to remember the date! I'm not sure if she has always...
  3. Squeak98

    Itchy Skin

    Hi, I got up this morning to find that my Guinea pig has a rather striking bald patch around her mouth and chin. The skin seems to be flaky with fur falling out in little clumps. She is an extremely old pig (She's eight and a half!) And not surprisingly in her old age she has encountered...