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  1. Lizzieejoyce

    Changed behaviour?

    Hello lovelies! Id like to think my two guinea pigs and I had bonded really well. They’d run up to the mesh to see me, squeak, popcorn, zoom etc. But I went away for a week and my partner looked after them. I got back, so excited to see them again and they didn’t come out of their huts, one...
  2. Alexandra West

    Pellets Only Or A Mixed Bag Of Food?

    Hello! My vet gave me a paper today telling me that bags of pellets with added seeds and such is actually bad for them because it makes them gain weight. I have a mixed bag, and he recommended I take the added stuff out of the food. What do you things think? do you feed your piggie(s) mixed bags...
  3. WinnieandBear

    Trio Of Sows Experience?

    Hello! I currently own two female sows just over 1 year old and as the youngest one is very playful I was thinking of bringing another sow to the pair so she has an equally energetic pig to enjoy her younger years with. The older girl is quite dominant and previously has chased and been quite...
  4. crnyng

    New Baby Pig W/ Flaky Red Ear; Suggestions?

    New here so not quite sure how all this works. Anyhow though, about a week ago I picked up two new little girls and one had an URI which I am giving medicine but the other I recently found has a flaky ear. It looks like it either got nibbled a little or she scratched it too hard as well because...