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    Specialist Osteocare for inflamed joints/paralysis - Diagnosis: fibrous osteodystrophy

    Hi Crumble is 4 and a few months ago went to the vets for a chest infection and when she came back we noticed 2 of her legs weren’t moving and she was struggling to move. She improved in herself after stopping antibiotics and starting probiotic however her legs didn’t improve. A month ago we...
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    Rear End Paralysis - 3 year Old Sow Require Further Advice

    Trudi one of our 4 X 3 year old sows was showing signs of rear end weakness last week. Other 3 are fine. Her legs were splayed our and she couldn't run so fast. Took her to vet who physically examined her and couldn't find evidence of injury. Prescribed Metacam (only had cat version at 0.5mg/ml...