other pets

  1. TheCavyFamily

    Crested Gecko

    Anybody has any pets other than guinea pigs? I have a crested gecko that doesnt have a name still because I can not find a name suitable for a unspecified gender gecko. Any name ideas?
  2. Celine298

    Guinea Pigs And Cats

    There has been a massive influx of cats in our local scantury lately, most rescued from research facilities. I considering getting one but obviously it's risky with them being natural hunters and rodents being their prey. Has anyone got any feedback on how their other pets get along with guinea...
  3. Julie M

    Cody The Hamster

    Cody is one lucky hamster. He is totally spoilt rotten. I feel so bad that my old hamsters I had previously were in tiny cages (what was "normal" at the time.) I'm so glad there are better cages available now. And the tiny wheels my hamsters had. :no: You live and learn.