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  1. Puddles1999

    Ovarian cysts?

    Hi everyone. My minnie just went to the vet because she has been losing weight continuously. She had an uti last year around the same time. She seemed to get uti’s quite a bit and I know the vet had mentioned last time reoccurring utis can be a sign of a hormonal problems. She expressed her...
  2. dannif_piggies

    Advice on Spaying a six year old piggy

    So back around May time, Honey was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, and the options we were given was to spay or have a hormone impnat put into the scruff of her neck. Obviously the spay would be a permanent fix, but the implant would cause less distress, and potentially be "safer" for Honey due to...
  3. W

    Young Sow Cysts

    A couple weeks ago I noticed Bubbles had two lumps on each side of her belly, near her legs. I felt Nymeria and kind of felt something too so I assumed it was just normal and it was her organs. Just a few days ago I found out you can feel ovarian cysts in guinea pigs. Could it be cysts? I don't...
  4. Merrypigs Sanctuary

    Very Stubborn Bloat

    Needing some advice! Tina was very overweight when she was surrendered and as she has been on a diet and has begun to lose some, it's become apparent she has bloat. We've tried massage, jiggling, Buscopan, gripe water, Simeticone, liquid paraffin in case of blockage... nothing is working. She's...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Possible Spay For Beans

    I've not posted much on here lately as I've been kept so busy with the pigs, they've both got a lot going on at the moment. For months now Beans has been having hormonal issues, no hair loss but she's been very aggressive when she comes into season and it lasts longer each time. She's had 3...
  6. charlrose1992

    Just Started Squeaking When Pooping 2 Weeks After Cyst Spay

    Hello, I have been looking after my guinea pig Hector after a spay she got done 2 weeks ago to remove her large ovarian cysts and swollen uterus which was seeping fluid out of her. She has been slowly recovering for the past two weeks as it was a much larger op than the vet anticipated and I...