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  1. W

    Bereavement and getting new piggies- Please help me stop overthinking...

    Hello, Please forgive me for what is likely to be quite a rambling post, but I would just like to share some of my feelings to help me get out of my own head and get advice too. Between Jan and December this year I lost 3 guinea pigs: - Post spay surgery complications (died at home while I...
  2. Nickypig88

    Any help appreciated

    About 10 months ago I adopted 2 guinea pigs who were no longer wanted (can you believe!). I’ve had cavies before, but only sows. The pair I rescued were apparently sows but roll on a few months and 2 pups were born. It turns out I had a sow and a boar, the pups were also a sow and a boar. To...