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  1. L

    Hole/Abscess on guinea pig’s back

    Hello, I’m very new here and in need of help from this forum, I am well aware that I should go to the vet to get this checked out, but money is tight at the moment and we’re still making decisions, I own six guinea pigs currently, and two of them (my oldest ones, Smores and Callie) have been...
  2. Lunapxggies

    Weight loss advice?

    So I restarted doing the weekly weighing for all my pigs (daily for now with the piggie who lost her mate) and one of my girls is 1.297 grams .. which i know is more then average for female guinea pigs. I just need advice on how to get her weight down. She’s the biggest pig i’ve ever had Ive...
  3. D

    am i overfeeding my guinea pigs?

    (sorry for the long paragragh) alright so i'm 15 with two guinea pigs, i take very good care of them but my mother doesn't seem to let me have much control when feeding them and i feel like she over feeds them, they have a litter box where hay is in and she gives them like 5 handfuls of hay...
  4. SydneySharkk

    Weird mark on guinea pigs ear, and pairing a trio

    So I just adopted two more girl guinea pigs today (now I’m at a total of 5 pigs all together!) I wanted to pair two with my one girl XiaoXiao (who is recovering from a dental issue) I felt like now would be a good time to finally get her some friends. I just got them home today and I cleaned...
  5. AlbertePedersen

    Overweight guinea pig :((

    Hi everybody, I need help. My guinea pig is a male of 1,5 years. He loves food, and can be very unhappy if he doesn't feel like he has gotten enough food or exactly the food that he wants. My problem now is that he has become incredibly overweight. I can no longer feel his ribs or spine. I...
  6. ChubbyCarrots

    Overweight guinea pig?

    Hello, for a while Coco has been overweight, ever since he was 1 he was overweight but he has reached the peak. He looks like a cuboid now, he drags his dewlap as it is so big. For the past two months we have stopped feeding him carrots in hopes that he would lose weight. Unfortunately we see no...
  7. FiaFlora

    I think my guinea pigs are overweight! Help!

    I just weighed my guinea pigs today and one weighed 2.6 pounds or 1180 grams and the other weighed 2.8 pounds or 1270 grams. Just over a month ago they both only weighed 2 pounds or 910 grams. There is no way that is good! I believe the are about 1 1/2 years old (they are sisters) maybe even...
  8. Pearl and Zip

    Are My Piggies Okay?

    I have two pigs in a 21” x 44” cage. Is this enough room? One piggy is overweight so I know we need a bigger cage so she can exercise. I’ve removed unnecessary clutter from the cage for more room. But I’m not able to get a larger cage until December. Will they be okay until then? Also, I’m only...
  9. TheLottiediarys

    Bear Seems To Have Put On A Lot Of Weight In A Few Months?

    I'm sitting with Bear my Neutered Male for nail trimming and I'm getting concerned that he's put on a lot of weight It's been happening slowly but I can really see a difference in a couple of months He seems massive today and I'm trying to figure out why. I've been speaking to my partner who...
  10. Ever

    Guinea Pig Weight

    Hello, I just read that if you can feel your guinea pig's ribs (not see, just feel), it means that they aren't overweight. Is this correct?
  11. MunchCrunch&Co

    Massive Piggy - Bloating?

    Hiya First time posting on here. I adopted 2 female guinea pigs 3 weeks ago. Once of them (Muffin) was much bigger than the other (Puffin) but I kind of went with the idea that she was a bit overweight. When I posted a photo online of her last week I got many people telling me she looked...
  12. Amy-Louise

    Overweight Piggie - Diet Tips Needed!

    Morning all! I am new to this forum - but it has so far provided me with a lot of help with various questions, so I thought I would join up! My piggie, Daisy, has been given antibiotics by the vet a few days ago, and whilst I was there the vet said she needed to lose some weight. I have...
  13. bellajessica

    Adopted A 2 Year Old Guinea Pig...help.

    Hello, First time guinea pig owner and adopted a 2 year old guinea pig and i have a few problems. The guinea pig is very fat, the woman who I adopted him from told me that she just fed him all the time and kept him either in the cage or on her knee so he hasn't had much chance to run about. The...
  14. kitkat1

    Lazy Piggies?

    So I have had my pigs for about 4 months. I've been watching guinea pig videos on youtube and I noticed that my pigs aren't as active as other people's. They will sometimes walk around but they mostly just lay down and eat. Is this normal behavior? I usually take them out once a day to get some...
  15. S

    Weight Loss Tips For My Pig?

    Hi everyone! New guinea pig owner here. I adopted a 1 year old GP from a girl at work. It belonged to her 10yr old daughter and wasn't very well taken care of. She never came out of the tiny cage she was in, never had her nails trimmed, and was never given any vegetables. We trimmed up her nails...