1. midsnow1500

    Want more piggies!

    So about 3 years ago i got my first 2 piggies, charlie and midnight. (all guinea's mentioned in this thread are Boars unless said otherwise) sadly charlie died as a pup when i got him, and then i got moon about 3 weeks after because my other guinea pig midnight was showing signs of depression...
  2. Walky

    I Need Help With My Unhappy Guinea Pig

    Hello, I'm new to this website, I joined because I wanted to learn more about these animals. I have a few questions, because I've been doing things wrong for a while and only now i'm noticing the effects on my animal. But first, I'll have to tell the brief history of this guinea pig, so strap...
  3. guineabee

    Gaining Our New Pups' Trust - Did We Mess It Up?!

    My husband and I are guinea pig parents for the first time! We bought 2 4-month old girls 3 days ago. We got them from Petsmart and they are not used to human contact really at all (from what the employee told us). The night we bought them we put them in their cage and left them alone all night...
  4. Keiko The Pig

    First Time Boar Bonding!

    Hi! For those of you who've seen my other posts you know I recently got my first pig, and today his friend grom the rescue came home! It's about a half hour into bonding and there's been rumbling, mounting from both parties, butt sniffing, chasing, and popcorning from both boys! Milo (Keikos new...
  5. Keiko The Pig

    Sneezing Young Pig, Worried Owner

    This morning I awoke to hear my young Keiko sneeze a couple of times in a row:( Ive heard him sneeze the odd time here or there or make a sound while grooming that almost sounds like he's sneezing or spitting on himself, but I didn't see this time if he was cleaning or not. I of course went...
  6. SazzaG96

    New Owner Advice?

    Hi there! I'm a recent new owner of 2 male guinea pigs and I was hoping for some advice in general about looking after them. They are in a 2 x 3 C&C cage with a loft and I use fleece bedding that is washed every 3 days! They get fresh veggies morning and night and nuggets and hay! Is there...