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oxbow urinary support

  1. caramell

    Elderly guinea pig- Blood in pee, possible UTI? Advice needed ASAP please

    Hello everyone, my pig Caramel is almost 8 years old and seems to have contracted a UTI. (Her sister, Coconut, passed away about two years ago.) Around last week, she developed splotches of blood in her urine along with lethargy/low appetite, so we fed her cranberry juice, it didn't seem to get...
  2. Misslizd13

    Oxbow Urinary And Digestion Support Tablet Feeding Issue!

    hello I have just started feeding my cavys the oxbow urinary support and digestion support tabs daily. I give 1/2 of each to each of my guinea pigs daily..well try to. Little foot my youngster piggy will eat part of the tab but the boss piggy mocha won't touch them at all. She sniffs them then...