pain in bladder

  1. lilpumpkamo

    Mystery hair loss near back legs during persistent UTI

    Hello all, I am stumped so I wanted to crowdsource some info from other guinea pig owners. This is mostly a TLDR I wrote a lot under the images on Imgur. Here is her history: Age: I have had Kaylor for 3.5 years, unsure of her age as I rescued her but let's guess about 5 years old now...
  2. M

    1 year old male guinea pig, in pain when pooping and peeing. Blood in urine.

    Hello GPF, first post here. Little info: GF and i have 2 guinea pigs, Moses and Ramses, both dark skinny-pigs. Ramses had a small zit-like growth removed, where he recieved anasthesia and was on some pain-killers and we had to feed him some liquid powder if he didn't eat. He seemed to recover...
  3. W

    Bladder Crystals

    Hello . my piggy has had bladder crystals for around 2 years and has been having cartrophen injections to help the pain. i have no idea how to help get rid of them as i keep going for injections once a month just for pain. can anyone help