pain in bladder

  1. S

    Bladder Stones & Pain Advice Needed

    Our almost 6 year old pig Willow started hunching over and squeaking in pain when weeing on Thursday this week. We took her straight to the vet. He managed to manually extract some wee and tested it. He found blood and signs of stones. They kept her over night and did x-rays. They found 2 large...
  2. lilpumpkamo

    Mystery hair loss near back legs during persistent UTI

    Hello all, I am stumped so I wanted to crowdsource some info from other guinea pig owners. This is mostly a TLDR I wrote a lot under the images on Imgur. Here is her history: Age: I have had Kaylor for 3.5 years, unsure of her age as I rescued her but let's guess about 5 years old now...
  3. M

    1 year old male guinea pig, in pain when pooping and peeing. Blood in urine.

    Hello GPF, first post here. Little info: GF and i have 2 guinea pigs, Moses and Ramses, both dark skinny-pigs. Ramses had a small zit-like growth removed, where he recieved anasthesia and was on some pain-killers and we had to feed him some liquid powder if he didn't eat. He seemed to recover...
  4. W

    Bladder Crystals

    Hello . my piggy has had bladder crystals for around 2 years and has been having cartrophen injections to help the pain. i have no idea how to help get rid of them as i keep going for injections once a month just for pain. can anyone help