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  1. L

    Guinea pig Safe Paint?

    Hi all, I’m looking to make some little chew toys for my Guinea pigs and my hamsters and I don’t know how to paint the chews in a safe way. Would a water based, non-toxic acrylic paint be safe? Or should I avoid this? I would use soy paint but i can’t find it anywhere. Any suggestions are very...
  2. Mystic_corgi

    Fresh Paint

    The wall that my guinea pigs and hamster are next to is getting painted and I wanted to know if the paint fumes would affect them or not? We would move them out paint the area, let it dry and move them back in. Would this be okay?
  3. C.Courtney0310

    Guinea Pig Eating Baseboards

    Hi everyone I just caught my guinea pig eating the baseboards while having floor time. I haven't been able to get them a pen yet(hopefully next week) and usually just watch them in my room since its small. The house was just repainted and everything before I moved in(about 6 months ago) so I...
  4. Mishatoe

    Will My Guinea Pig Be Okay Breathing Paint Fumes?

    My mother painted the living room and will be painting for a few days. My piggy is in my room which is connected to the living room directly. At night, I'm not allowed to close the door so the smell is coming in. Will my guinea pig be okay? I have my window open and my air purifier on as well.
  5. G

    Can Anyone Help With Pet Safe Paint?

    Hi everyone! I live in the UK and I need some pet safe paint for the inside of a DIY cabinet me and my dad are converting into a guinea pig cage. We looked for ages all over the internet and in loads of shops and were at a loss, until we finally saw one we needed - Pet, child, and environment...
  6. Stayc1989

    Piggy Safe Wood Paint

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that I can buy some wood paint/stain safe for Guinea pigs. My boyfriend made them a little wooden house for the garden and I would like to paint it but they love gnawing on it too so would need paint safe for piggies and weather proof x
  7. parkdaleangela

    House Painting - Advice Please

    My girls are outside on the patio in well insulated hutches, heat pads in winter, blankets, etc. etc. so I know they're OK. BUT we need to paint the exterior woodwork of the house, some of which is quite near the hutches. We'd intended to use Sadolin but looking at the Health and Safety advice...