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  1. eve1234s

    My mom thinks Guinea Pigs can live alone

    My mom insists that everyone saying Guinea Pigs need to be kept in pairs are lying. Before I was educated on pigs, I had only one female for about four years before getting her a companion. She was an amazing and super friendly guinea pig, so my mom insists that they can and should be kept alone...
  2. T

    Do I Need To Intervene?

    Hi, I have had my four baby boars for the last two weeks, they are now about 9 weeks old. I was initially intending to have three, but after doing some reading on here I realised that was never going to work so got a fourth (officially mine) so that we can have two pairs. They are all still...
  3. Spacedcakes

    Got A New Piggie (4 Months) Need Help

    I put him in the cage with my 10 month old & the 4 month old won't stop mounting my older one. The cage is 3 x 4. It is clear to me that they have completely different personalities. My older one is very shy and the younger one very feisty. It is only his first day and he is already chewing on...