1. coco&chanel

    Brown Paper Packaging?

    Hi, So I've had a few deliveries lately and have loads of card board boxes and brown paper stuff. I was wondering if this was piggy safe? If so, any any ideas of what I can make out of it?
  2. Beans&Toast

    Beans Won't Share.. Part 2

    I seen a thread about how piggies love paper bags so I got one. Only issue is, yet again Beans won't share :doh: Toast has made a few attempts to get in, but Beans has made it very clear that this bag belongs to her, and Toast may look, but not touch. You shall not enter... So...
  3. Piggiekisses

    Help A Newbie?

    Hello all, I did some research on bedding but there seems to be a lot of mixed information that's making me confused. Firstly, is newspaper safe to use as bedding? If not, what safe options are there to use as bedding besides fleece? (Safe woods, paper, etc.)I am not allowed to use...