paralyzed back legs

  1. H

    back legs problem

    Hallo, i have 2,5 years old guinea pig. she is recovering from bloat. She was on the verge of death. Now she looks pretty normal because vet rescue her, but she cant fully use her back legs. in the past she cant stand on legs, or she was hopping, and she couldnt "walk" on whatever distance. Now...
  2. I

    Specialist Osteocare for inflamed joints/paralysis - Diagnosis: fibrous osteodystrophy

    Hi Crumble is 4 and a few months ago went to the vets for a chest infection and when she came back we noticed 2 of her legs weren’t moving and she was struggling to move. She improved in herself after stopping antibiotics and starting probiotic however her legs didn’t improve. A month ago we...
  3. Sleeksmama

    Cavy with partial paralysis in rear legs: Diagnosed, but in search of tips!

    Hi guys! I am posting this question on behalf of a young friend and fellow cavy lover... Her beloved guinea pig has received a injury to her spine/ nerves and is now paralyzed partially in the rear legs... The guinea pig is my beloved Ralph's sister (I will explain about my complicated guinea...
  4. D


    Hi. I have a 1-1/2 year old guinea pig, her name is Dahlia. She is paralyzed, but we don't know the reason for this. Her hind nails are very thin and slim, and are extremely white, not like regular guinea pig nails. She has been biting off the skin on her hind legs, and they are raw and bloody...
  5. E

    Paralyzed Back Legs

    You all have been so helpful and I need some words of wisdom and any advise! Let me start by saying that I'm in the US and finding a good vet for my elderly pig has been very difficult! My most recent vet moved, so I went back to a practice I'd been to before but switched vets within that...