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passed away

  1. Hugh nug

    My baby guinea pig passed away

    Yesterday I got a 30-day old guinea pig so that my other guinea pig will have a friend. As soon as I saw her, I got amazed by her beautiful black fur. When I got her home, she was all happy and even Would took hay from my hand. I put some water and hay for her overnight. She was wheeking and...
  2. PiggiesAndPaws

    Over the Rainbow Bridge

    Goodnight my Piggy Piggy, Buds bug, Booday, Gorilla. I love you Buddy.🌟🖤
  3. PiggiesAndPaws

    Buddy Is Popcorning in the Stars

    You probably know about my guinea pigs struggle and his constant strokes. Today that all ended. He was paralysed and refusing to eat. I did what I could but he couldn’t pull through. I really did love him and he was my everything. 2:07🖤 He peacefully passed away surrounded by the comfort of his...
  4. olrosy

    Guinea Pig (pickles) Passed Away..

    Hello, My guinea pig passed away today. I’m not sure if he passed while i was sleeping but i think that’s the case. He was refusing to eat on Sunday and i noticed he wouldn’t drink either and would stay in one place. As it was sunday none of the vets i live around were open so i was supposed to...
  5. Lil3piggies

    Sleep Tight Archie!

    So I went up to give the boys their evening veggies and found my poor baby Archie had passed away in his house! I cried like a baby whilst poor Artie sat in the corner watching me (or so it looked like). I’m so upset, even more upset that I don’t know why? He was always tiny and had one day...
  6. Natrista

    Inexperienced Vet?

    About a year ago now, I took my little Samantha to my vet, and he diagnosed her with a small fungus infection. We laid 80$ for a cream. I applied it every day as instructed, but a week later my little Samantha has passed away in my arms. Do you guys think the vet was inexperienced? Because...