pea flakes

  1. Hannahb2804

    Pea flakes

    Is it okay to give one pea flake per piggie each day of the week? Just wanted to use something to do hand feeding & bonding and I’ve seen a lot of people use pea flakes, I’ve also seen the oxbow vit c cookies, can these be fed a few times a week for a treat or only fed when needed? I’ve seen...
  2. AlvieOB

    Pea Flakes, healthy?

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a guinea pig treat that is healthy, to reward my piggies with and hand feed to gain their trust and tame them. Are pea flakes a good option? Are they healthy? If not, any other suggestions? Thanks a lot, Alvie, pawrent of teenage Peruvian boys Billy and Pumpkin!
  3. Alexandra West

    Pea Flakes?

    hello, all. I was doing some cleaning and I’m a drawer of my desk I found a zip-lock bag of food that came in a party-mix of pellets. It has pea flakes, corn pieces, and some other weird shaped things. I got this food back in January when I initially got Finnian and he hated the pellets so he...