1. Mage of Mist

    Some concerns with Pedro's eyesight

    I have some concerns on whether Pedro is just short sighted or has general eyesight problems, he was rescued from a hoarder's hoard of 200+ guinea pigs, so I was prepared for potential issues. I have read contrasing information on red eyed piggies having less cones than darker eyed pigs causing...
  2. Mage of Mist

    Cuteness overloads and a lot of fluff, beware!

    I hot two rescue piggles, Percy and Pedro, and have proceeded to spoil them with tons of love and cuddles. 😄 Here's their introduction post, also crammed with adorable photos. Here's the boys bring introduced to their elderly neighbor, Scrappy my Japanese Quail who turned 4 on the 11th of...