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  1. Shaivy

    Pellet food for guinea pig

    Guys I am from India and the pellets which are buy for my baby is no more available here , and i was looking for another pellet brand Versele Laga, Small Animal Feed, Complete Cavia, 500-gm Buy Versele Laga, Small Animal Feed, Complete Cavia, 500-gm Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.in I...
  2. Ninarodders

    Pellet help please

    Hi, I'm new here and a new piggy owner. I got my 2 boys from someone who used to work with my husband. Einstein is around a year and Darwin is around 5 months. They came with pets at home nuggets. Now looking at the ingredients alfalfa is no 1 on the list and worried I need to switch food. I've...
  3. al34ex

    Pellet Predicament

    Hi y’all! I’m in a bit of a pellet predicament (lol). I’ve been feeding my 3 ladies Oxbow Garden Select Adult Pellets for about a month and a half now. They will all eat them (served in 3 separate bowls), but will just nibble bit by bit at them all day, rather than eating their full tablespoon...
  4. Jesse's pigs

    Burgess pellets

    Hi, Both my boys are fed on Burgess pellets the carrot and mint (think that’s the flavour😂 the orange bag as opposed to the purple they do). I actually feed my rabbit on the same stuff and this is the only food he eats (my boys aren’t fussed). When I had Steve at the vets about his squeaking...
  5. dannif_piggies

    Pellet suggestion (UK)

    I'm looking for a new pellet to feed my piggies. However what kind of levels should I be looking for in terms of fibre, protein, calcium, etc..? I recently realised that the pellets my pigs are on are alfalfa based which would've been fine for Willow as a baby, but I'm concerned these are too...
  6. K

    How Much Do I Feed?

    hi, you see I have always done my pets food in tablespoons but I cannot for the life of me find out how many tablespoons to give my 2 males it says you feed them 1 cup or 1/4 of a cup or 1/8 I just don't know which is right either (this is for pellets btw)
  7. Guineapigfeet

    Grainless Pellet Samples?

    I'm looking to change my girls over to a Grainless pellet and I was wondering if any forum member (s) in the UK would be willing to send a small sample of the type they use? I'd be particularly looking for: Bunny GuineapigDream, JRFarm Versele-Laga Complete One brand in particular is quite...