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pet shop

  1. Cavy Kung-Fu

    I Need You!

    Hey guys, I would like your help! I'm putting together some information regarding store bought (or readily available, UK only please) cages such as the Midwest that are actually suitable for piggies. They need to be minimum 4ft by 2ft and if larger, please specify how big, how many pigs you...
  2. S

    Adoption And Sex

    Hey guys! So I'm a new piggie owner and I wanted to get my boar, Ferdinand, a playmate. I know many people promote adoption over pet shops, which I totally love, but there are no adoption centers near me. So just stick with pet stores? Also, I'm not sure about what sex to get. Another boar...
  3. Josie

    Is My New Guinea Pig Sick?

    I got my GP yesterday at a store. He is a long-haired est. 2 month old piggy. I have gone to the medical emergency site and everything else but nothing seems to be giving me answers! I even called the local vet and they couldn't tell me anything! He sneezes a couple times an hour, when I put him...
  4. BiscuitBeans

    Cost Of Guinea Pigs

    I know that people will give hate on this thread, as I am looking to buy rather than adopt, but I fully support adoption and am only a first-time piggie owner, so would like to buy Guinea pigs. I have looked around before for similar posts, all of which, again, are outdated, on how much a pair...