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pet store guinea pig buy response please

  1. Newpiggiemom

    New Piggie Mom, Help Please

    Hi everyone, I stumbled across this site after my endless google searching and I’m glad I can finally just share my own story. Let me start from the beginning. I’ve wanted pigs all my life and now I’m in my 20’s and finally got my dream! About 3 months ago I got two male pigs (from the same...
  2. G

    Buying Guinea Pigs From Pet Stores

    hello, i am going to get my Guinea pig from a pet store, but I know, I have heard about how it's horrible. I don't want to go to a breeder, and I don't want to adopt one. I know it's great to give homeless Guinea pigs a loving home, but I plan to get mine from the pet store. As long as I know...