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pet store

  1. ripcoconuttheguineapig

    Complete Care Preparation: Trying To Put Product To Good Use

    I am somewhat new to guinea pigs, as in for a week in 2021 I had coconut in a starter kit due to the sad mistake of completely trusting a pet store, [ WHICH IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD BE DONE KNOWINGLY OF OTHER SOLUTIONS] who ended up getting ringworm. After having a hamster and giving it the...
  2. wizardly

    Young GP with Coccidia and Roundworm Eggs?

    Hello! I am new to this forum and made an account today to post this. My guinea pig, Joey is fairly young, and I'm not sure of his age. Right now, he's 330grams so very underweight. He's been through 2 URIs. A few days ago he started puffing up and eating less. I immediately made an appointment...
  3. D

    Rescue: should I?

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the forum, literally registered ten seconds ago. I'm Greek, 19 yo, and a college student with a hella lot of free time. I don't have any piggies, but I have been interested in them for so long and I've been researching for their care forever. I'm an experienced...