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  1. B

    Pet bereavement

    Hi, I'm a researcher at Bolton University (UK) and I'm currently conducting some research about the impact of the death of a pet. If you are happy to share your experiences, we'd love to hear from you. We're looking from responses from anyone over 12 years old, living in the UK, who has...
  2. daisyandsofi2060


    Do yall ever watch ratatouille and think how much the part with the rat biting Linguini and tickling him resembles the moments when you hold your piggy in your lap and pet them? they nibble on something or maybe occasionally lick your finger and tickle you when they change positions . Best movie...
  3. Guineapigfeet

    Strokes And Raddish Leaves

    Look how good they are getting at strokes! And raddish leaves went down rather well (thanks Dad!)
  4. my4piggies

    Guinea Pig Cosy Items For Sale?

    just to let you know I sell guinea pig/hamster/rabbit ect cosy items at my shop perfection is pets. prices are: guinea pig cosy pouch: £5.99 guinea pig tunnel: £5.50 hamster den: £2.50 hamster tunnel: £2 rabbit den: £8.99 rabbit tunnel: £8.25 cat den: £10 custom order: £10 + price of products...