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  1. EdvnFvrm

    Guinea Pig Breathing (URI?)

    Hi everyone! I am posting because I heard my newest piggie, Café, sneeze today. She’s been with us for a week now. She is from PetSmart, however she seemed to be under great care as the small pet specialist was extremely knowledgeable and showed great care for all the animals as I watched her...
  2. doodlecountry

    PetSmart Selling Sick Guinea Pigs!

    I know this isn't news to anyone that PetSmart sells sick piggies, but I wanted to share my experience. I wanted to purchase a cute little guinea pig, and one of the employees helped me. Despite all the tags on every enclosure saying "want to hold me? ask an associate", I was unable to hold onto...
  3. rinlalin

    The Health of PetSmart Piggies

    hello all, as you know I've bought two piggies from petsmart already. I took the first one, pepé, back a few days after and he died within 48 hours. my second piggie, bootsy, got sick a few days after and was taken back to see the vet. bootsy died this morning after nearly a week in their care...
  4. E

    Hay Allergy?

    Hi y'all, I recently have been planning to adopt a guinea from Petsmart. For those who don't know how this works, usually Petsmart will give up their pets for adoption for free, if they are no longer resell-able. The little ones may be ill or they were returned from previous owners. In my case...