1. doodlecountry

    PetSmart Selling Sick Guinea Pigs!

    I know this isn't news to anyone that PetSmart sells sick piggies, but I wanted to share my experience. I wanted to purchase a cute little guinea pig, and one of the employees helped me. Despite all the tags on every enclosure saying "want to hold me? ask an associate", I was unable to hold onto...
  2. rinlalin

    The Health of PetSmart Piggies

    hello all, as you know I've bought two piggies from petsmart already. I took the first one, pepé, back a few days after and he died within 48 hours. my second piggie, bootsy, got sick a few days after and was taken back to see the vet. bootsy died this morning after nearly a week in their care...
  3. E

    Hay Allergy?

    Hi y'all, I recently have been planning to adopt a guinea from Petsmart. For those who don't know how this works, usually Petsmart will give up their pets for adoption for free, if they are no longer resell-able. The little ones may be ill or they were returned from previous owners. In my case...