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  1. Celine298

    Happy Christmas To You All :)

    I'm going to be super busy this Christmas because we have a lot of family home, so I probably won't get posting this later on so.... Lola - Jean and Sunny Hughie Anthony would like to wish a Happy Christmas to all the piggies, piggy owners and piggy lovers out there! (and to all the cats...
  2. Celine298

    Our Little Photo Shoot

    Letting my guys outside for lawn-time is a problem because I'm in Ireland and it rains 360 days of the year here! :td: Generally, our lawn is too wet for the piggies. Lately though, I have begun letting them out on our patio. They get their exercise and can nibble at the lawn bordering the...
  3. Kallasia

    Diy Photo Shoot + Bloopers!

    Errol: Binky: Bloopers: And my personal favourite:
  4. Megannah

    Piggie Photo Shoot

    My pigs love there photo being taken:)
  5. Beans&Toast

    Piggy Pictures, Just Because..

    I've taken about a million photos of Beans and Toast in the space of a couple of days. They're just so beautiful I can't help myself :love:
  6. Beans&Toast

    Little Model Pigs

    Does anyone else have about 100 photoshoots a week with their pigs? I absolutely adore my beautiful girls and I can't help myself, I have at least 5000 pictures of them on my phone... :whistle: Beautiful Beans :wub: Pretty Toasty :luv: :love:
  7. Beans&Toast

    Posing Pigs

    I know I'm biased but I think I have two very beautiful pigs :)):love:
  8. kitkat1

    Moonbeam & Dipper's Christmas Photoshoot!

    So today I did a Christmas photoshoot with the boys and I think it went well! I edited the photos after I took them to give the pics a more "Christmassy" feel. By the way in the backround are paper snowflakes that I made:DHope you enjoy! Dipper: Dipper eating a carrot: Moonbeam: Moonbeam: