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picky eater.

  1. Arwen

    Pink Urine And Slight Lethargy

    Hello everyone! I'm a super new piggie owner and I'm having some problems. My guinea pig Peggy started to urinate pink and orange-ish liquid. We have only had her for less than a month, and have only fed her plain pellets and timothy hay. We are trying to introduce her to leafy greens because I...
  2. Lauralee

    Very Picky Eater

    Hi, My guinea pig, Teddy, is a very sweet, good little boy, except he is extremely picky about what he eats. I have had him for most of his life, since he was about 6 mths. old. He is a very healthy guinea pig overall, except for 1 health crisis, listed below. He is 6 years old has always...