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  1. LeeLee_:)

    Place to share dog pics + their story

    Hi everyone, I just thought it would be fun to have somewhere to tell each other about our dogs and show off how beautiful they are!
  2. Grand Guinea Pigs

    More of Murphy!

    I do so hope this is the right section to place thread In! If not, please move. I think this’ll be the place I spam pictures of Murphy. A little introduction to Murphy. Murphy is a shoodle/shih-poo (Shih Tzu x Poodle). She weighs around 12kg & is cream and silver coloured. Murphy is 12-14...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Just A Dose Of Piggy Pics :)

    I'm no photographer but felt like getting a few pics of my boys tonight- why not? :lol!: Thought I'd share them on here because they actually cooperated for once...who knows maybe we'll try get some valentines ones taken soon.
  4. Jesse's pigs

    Chooken Leg!!

    @sport_billy I thought you might like this... and I had to share the other photo cos it made me laugh so hard! I was trying to take a picture of him sleeping to show my auntie how much he was loving his new cage and he does that! Lol
  5. Jesse's pigs

    More Mo Floor Time Fun

    Had to share more pictures of my Mo from his floor time today- the last picture!
  6. Jesse's pigs


    Hey guys I just thought maybe it'd be cool to share the photos that are piggies aren't being glamorous in and look slightly goofy in because why not? I know my piggy Mo pulls many strange poses so I wondered what strange things you've captured your piggies doing. Who knows maybe we have an...