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pig behavior

  1. E

    The Dax Piggies 💕

    Hello all 😄 I've decided to start a bit of a herd thread, mostly because I have some little stories to tell of my silly little friends. I have 6 guinea pigs at the moment, the most I've ever had at once. They mostly live in large homemade pens, though one boar prefers solitude and lives in a...
  2. 5

    Jealous pig?

    Recently I've noticed when I pet one of my pigs the other one seems to get jealous? Whenever I pet pig2 pig 1 seems to get jealous and chase her around the cage pushing her she doesn't harm her or attack her just pushes her around she only does this whenever I give pig2 rubs is this anything i...
  3. Sakura the Piggy

    Piggy Has Bad Habits? 😟

    One of my piggies, Sakura has been chewing on the fabric of my clothing, the buttons on my shirts and jeans, she also scratches me and runs up to my shoulder and sits their like a parrot. Also, one she had a wire in her mouth, about to chew it, but I swiped it before she could chew. I give her...
  4. Chip Lillis

    Guinea pigs fighting very aggressively

    Hey! :) So recently, two of my pigs have been at it. Conki and Sabi. Sabi is known for being a little bit of a sissy but this seems pretty bad. Conki will randomly attack her, and when Sabi is nervous she runs into the corner of the cage and faces me. It’s so sad. I want to help her but should I...
  5. H

    My Journey With "an Evil Pig"

    Hello! My name is Hayley and i would like to share my experience thus far as a guinea pig owner to give new pet parents a new perspective on raising boars and/or sows. My first interaction with a guinea pig was when i started my job in pet care at my local Petsmart. We were a brand new...
  6. PerpLexxity

    Butt Throwing?

    Hey everybody, So yesterday I *tried* to put my two boars together and one of them did this thing with thier butt. I can only describe it as a butt throw. He threw his butt sideways at the other pig with his body at a ‘C’ angle. I’ve tried to research this bahavior but all I got was pee...
  7. S

    Two Females Fighting I’m Heartbroken!

    Ok so I have had one female for about 8 months and a month ago got another young female for her. Fina is about 9 months old and Phoebe is about 3 months. I introduced the correctly on neutral grounds a few times before housing they together. Fina immediately established herself as the dominant...