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piggie behavior

  1. Piggiefriend

    !Piggie not quite usual!

    Hello! I have two guinea pigs aged 2 and 1 and the older one seemed a bit quiter today. She is eating but only if i place the food in her house and she is sometimes sleeping outside her house. She usually squeeks when i feed her which she didn’t do today, however she ate some parsley once i put...
  2. Lizzie.1987

    Naughty Donald the food bowl flipper

    I started noticing Donald's naughty behaviour towards his food bowl. At first I thought it was because I use the bowl groove underneath for veggies and he was flipping it looking for veggies but I've separated it and he's still flipping it. Is it time to invest in a weighted bowl?
  3. J

    Guinea pig rumblestrutting when petted?

    I have 2 guinea pigs (both female) and one of them tends to run away when petted (she isn’t scared, she only likes to be petted on her terms). She twitches when touched on her sides so I’m guessing she’s either ticklish or just doesn’t like to be touched there. Lately, I’ve been trying to get...
  4. oofitsnaomi

    Taming Process

    Hi! I've had my two boys, Finn and Parker, for about a month and a half. They're settling in well. They've recognized my footsteps and wheek when I come up the stairs with food, I play ukulele for them every single night and they seem to really enjoy that (does anybody want to see a video of...
  5. rinlalin

    Piggie Talking To Himself?

    hello all, so my piggie is new to our house, and during the day he is frozen when i come in the room and never makes a noise. however, at night, when i'm laying in bed, i hear him walking around, quietly squeeking/talking to himself while occassionally chewing on the bars and other things in his...