1. Lauren22

    Pigs being picky?

    I've recently changed my Guinea pigs hay and I don't think they are eating as much as they do normally. Not because of health reasons I believe it's because they don't like the change of hay! I've got 9.5kg of the new hay so really I would like them to eat it! What should I do as I am worried...
  2. Lucyscavies


    Hello everyone, I’m just wondering how much should you take your piggies out of their cage or give them lap time? How important is this and how much do you let your piggies have floor and lap time? Is once a week enough or should it be more? Thanks x
  3. L

    Lunar has passed away

    Lunar was a beautiful ginger American guinea pig. She was always bouncy and energetic and she loved her sister, Cosmos. Recently, she had started losing weight and she seemed quieter. We took her to a vet to try and get a diagnosis; originally we thought it could've been an oral or dental...
  4. Lucyscavies

    Human colds and guinea pigs

    Hi all, my daughter has recently had a cold and everytime she fed or went near the piggies she wore gloves and a mask. The cold has cleared up now but she has a cough and blocked up nose, she feels fine in herself though so I was wondering if she will be ok handling the piggies now? Is it still...
  5. Lucyscavies


    Hi I’ve noticed this white thing on Scrappys penis, I’m really worried as I don’t know what it is and I really don’t want everyone to say take him to a vet! How can I get it off? The 2 bits at the bottom of him are woodshavings it’s the penis part I’m worried about.
  6. Lucyscavies


    Hi everyone, I currently use wood shavings for my 2 boys and I get the £10 bale from pets at home but some vets near me have said not to use it as it’s very dusty and not good for them. Where is the best and cheapest place to get really good woodshavings from? I live in Manchester. Also my...
  7. Lucyscavies


    Hi all, I was wondering if my boys poops look ok? I don’t really know if they healthy or not and just thought I’d check. Thanks.
  8. walnutandpeanut

    Grooming Wipes

    Are grooming wipes okay to wipe your guinea pig with ? (p.s. I didn't know which thread category i should have put this in)