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piggy lips

  1. court29x

    Share your fave photos of your piggies! Piggy butts, chookens and all!

    I love seeing piggy photos especially to cheer me up when I'm a bit down like tonight! GET POSTING YOUR ADORABLE FUR BABIES :luv:
  2. Beans&Toast

    Warning: Lots Of Piggy Lips.

    I haven't really posted any photos of the pigs lately, so here we go... :)) Beans and her beautiful piggy lips :love: Beans having a nap while the cage is being cleaned:drool: Om nom nom :drool: Toasty looking cute in the hope of more food... "I know you have some.. I can smell it!"...
  3. Julie M

    Fudge, Peanut & Buddy

    Love these 3.