1. Oreo.and.milky

    Find the Piggies!

    Hi everyone! How this game works is.... Here is a photo of my piggies cage, the first person to this thread will reply saying where my 2 piggies are and then attach a picture of your piggies hiding and the next person will do the same thing and carry the chain on! So once you see this, reply to...
  2. Hellopiggies63


    I have two guinea pigs. One is around 10 months (cookie). The other is around 5-6 months. The problem is the 5-6 months (walnut) is obsessively dominant right now. He runs after cookie, teeth chatters, lunges, and forces cookie out of their cage. Their space is good. They have one Midwest cage...
  3. Lucyscavies

    Eye ulcer?

    Hi sorry if this is long but I’m concerned about Scooby’s eye. It started September/October time last year. It started out with just a tiny lump that you could only notice if you pulled his eye back so I took him to the vets and got given some eye drops (sorry I can’t remember the name). They...