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  1. S

    Piggie Twitching When On A Pillow.

    So I'm sort of a new guinea pig owner. Ive had my little guy for a few months now and I'm LOVING it! But, he's been sick quite a bit. I had to get him checked up because he had the beginnings of a URI. (He's tons better now!) Although, he still twitches his head. Well, I've made him a nice...
  2. Guineapigfeet

    Pillow Wad Hay

    I've recently bought some meadow hay from Pillow Wad and wondered if any one else uses it? I have a massive bag of meadow hay from my equestrian supplier (20kg compressed for £5) but it is a bit dusty. I now use this (in my head) as 'bedding hay' and put out the Pillow Wad to eat. When they come...