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  1. C

    Piggies ate ziploc bag

    Hello, I don’t know how it happened and how long ago it happened (more than likely in the past 12 hours), but I just noticed my cats must have knocked a ziplock bag into my piggies reach and they ate part of the ziplock-all of the top is gone and some other small holes have been ripped into it...
  2. Hiitshannah

    Constantly eating plastic!

    Hi! My guinea pig Butternut will not stop eating the plastic in his c&c cage. He’s eaten so much of it. He’s about 10 weeks old, and lives with an older boar who’s about 4.5, but very active, and they get on really well - there has never been any aggression (even teeth chattering) from the...
  3. Lilythepig2017

    Our Guinea Pig Nibbled Off Bit Of Iphone Cable: Ok?

    So we have a designated safe area for the guinea pig to run around. My husband though left a iPhone cable by accident on the floor (unplugged). She ate some of the plastic off of it and he felt awful. Not the wire fibers. How bad is this? Will the plastic she infested be dangerous to her? She...
  4. G

    Plastic House

    Hello everyone ! I'm about to get one house of plastic for my guinea pig and i'm wondering, if he chew the plastic, will be bad for him ? :(