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play pen

  1. P

    My boys don’t want to play or have floor time

    So I’ve tried everything I feel like. Their cage is open 24/7 and even if I take them out they jump straight back in. They’re always in their hideys and taking them out is a battle in itself. I don’t know what to do because I know they need exercise and floor time but they just won’t take it...
  2. Immogen

    Bonding sows tips

    I have two female piggies, one is just under 2 years old and one is about 2 months old. I'd like to try and bond them but I could use some advice. I've had the older one for about 6 weeks and the younger one for about 2 weeks. How long should I wait until I try and introduce them to each other...
  3. T

    General question about play pen.

    Hi all. I have four sows and one bunny. The bunny is new and I have run large play pen. Is it ok to switch over the piggy and rabbit? Alternate so one day the bunny will be out playing in the pen in the outbuilding and then the next day the piggies will be. I don’t want them interacting for...
  4. Giuseppe


    Hi,I'm a new member and I write you from Italy.I have intention to change the cage of my guinea pig and I would want to use a Ball pit.What do you think?Is it a good solution?
  5. NavajoChikondi

    Jumping Pig

    Hello :luv: Does anyone have experiences with jumping pigs? I took my little one out for his first floor time yesterday and I thought he'll just have a look around but he actually was so happy and ran around, exploring, talking and even popcorning a little. It was the best thing to see :yahoo...