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  1. Guineapigfeet

    Floor Time Videos

    These are from floor time this past weekend. The light isn't great but hopefully you can see them scampering around (and jumping the chair legs) well enough! There were three but one has music in the back ground that was blocked :(
  2. ChewyTheGuinea

    How Do I Give A Guinea/bunny Exercise?

    because I think I should now that it's just right.
  3. Funnymal101

    Making Your Guinea Pigs The Ideal Play Pen

    Guinea pigs are sociable animals, and like to play with each other. Guinea pig want list! 1. A hiding place (even a card board box with an entrance cut out will work - but they may chew it and that's ok) 2. A food bowl and food (if they are hungry while playing, they can eat there) 3. A few...