• You can find lots of information on how to settle in, understand your new guinea pigs in our New Owners Guide Collection but please ask any questions you have in Wannabe and New Owners' section.

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  1. Welpo

    Tips For Keeping Away Boredom?

    Hi, I've had my pig for about 6 months now and he's 2 years old. Around 4 months ago school began for me and Malcolm's the only piggie I've got so I'm worried he's been awful lonely. I'm unable to get a new piggie (I'm not king of the hill in my home) and each day it breaks my heart when I've...
  2. Newpiggyparents

    Giving My Guinea Pig A Friend!

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I are recently new piggy parents and we're comsidering getting our Chip a playmate. Chip is a young boy Guinea pig. Does anyone have any advice on choosing a playmate for Chip? Thanks!