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  1. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    They’re getting tricker...

    They’re getting smarter... They’re finding better ways to hide the pee
  2. C

    Senior cavy and floor time

    Hello! I'm feeling a bit stuck with my 5 year old guinea pig penny. Shes in her senior years and in the past year she slowly began to dislike floor time more and more. I used to take her out, set up a bunch of two ended hides in her play pen, and place different veggies all over for her to go and...
  3. E

    Cage, Playpen, Floor Time - Help!

    I'm so confused about what to do with my guinea pigs regarding cage, playpen, floor time and at night. We bought our GPs about 3 weeks ago. So at the moment they're in a 120 cage, which I've placed inside a playpen (see photo). During the day the cage is open so they can leap in and out and get...
  4. coco&chanel

    C&c Playpen?

    Hi. Ive ordered 20 c&c grids with connectors with the view to build a large indoor playpen for when the weather is too cold/wet to go in the outdoor run (which is ALL the time!) My question is: how hard will it be to put it up and take it down? This would be just the sides and no correx as...
  5. Funnymal101

    Making Your Guinea Pigs The Ideal Play Pen

    Guinea pigs are sociable animals, and like to play with each other. Guinea pig want list! 1. A hiding place (even a card board box with an entrance cut out will work - but they may chew it and that's ok) 2. A food bowl and food (if they are hungry while playing, they can eat there) 3. A few...
  6. Chewbacca2004

    Paddling Pool Indoor Floor Time

    Hello Recently i have been finding lots of suggestions and pins on pinterest about keeping your guineas in a paddling pool (as an enclosure: not swimming:nod:) inside i was thinking that i could pop the guineas in a paddling pool with their toys and hideys as i kind of indoor run whilst the...
  7. D

    2 Play Pens Joined Together?

    Okay a lot of you said that the playpen was too small and that I should get a c and c cage so o searched for one but my mum would say no because of how much they cost. if my mum doesn't let me get the suitable size for Guinea pigs then I won't be getting any because I don't want them to suffer...