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  1. Concerned Guinea Pig Mom

    Please help

    Ok so my guinea pig her name is Paris she is a mix of different colors I got her last year on May 22 2020 as a birthday gift. I love her I really do but I just feel so detached from her is that normal? She also eats puppy pads which I try to get her to stop doing but it never works! What should...
  2. CharlieAndLolaPiggies

    Lost my Guinea Pig

    Hello everyone. I have a white guinea pig named Charlie, along with another one which is black, white and brown named Lola. I got them around October/September last year (2019) and have been loving them!. Recently though (today - 9/04/2020) I lost my guinea pig Charlie. I put her and her...
  3. T

    Bad Poops and Dirty Belly

    Hey, about a month ago I got my first pigs, but I have taken care of many before. My one pig, Teddy, has misshapen or crumbly poops and always has an awfully dirty belly, and appears not to clean himself. Anyone know what may be happening?