poo sticking to feet

  1. D

    Guinea Pig Standing on Poos in Cage and Breaking Them All Up

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on here. I currently have one guinea pig named Bodge, he is 5 years old and is seemingly very healthy and happy. However his cage is always really messy because he poops and then stands on them, crushing them so there are small bits of poop everywhere. He also...
  2. K

    9 week old skinny pigs poop question

    Hey! So 2 days ago I got 2 skinny pigs and I’m struggling a bit with them and struggling to find information online about them... When they came here their poo was softer than it should be but I’ve minimised watery veg and it seems to have helped... however, they are both still getting...
  3. dannif_piggies

    Cannot get rid of soft poops

    Sorry in advance for the long post.. So for anyone that has been following Honey's experience of having a Spay, they will know that two days before her spay she got very soft poops, and this has continued still to this day (since the 15th September), various things along the way could have...