1. basicpiggies

    Guinea Pig Ate Poop Off Ground?

    Hi all! I was watching my guinea pigs and I noticed one of them wake up from her nap and eat two poops directly off the ground. I know they eat their poop but she ate two that I believed to be normal poops. They weren’t old as I had just swept the cage two hours prior but I’ve never seen them...
  2. Sullivancourt

    Baby guinea pig dried, misshaped poops

    My 10 week old boy has had one heck of a ride. I’ll spare as much drama as I can. So my baby was being treated for a respiratory infection. Baytril was the first medicine and it messed up his stomach. So he got switched to Septra. At one point he was on 3 medications and oxbow critical care...
  3. Lucyscavies


    Hi all, I was wondering if my boys poops look ok? I don’t really know if they healthy or not and just thought I’d check. Thanks.