1. N

    Gi stasis recovery and eating poop question

    Hello my boy is recovering from gi stasis. my vet said it was second to the hypothermia he experienced in another vets care. it's been about 2 week and he's still not eating on his own so I'm just a bit worried. He is doing a lot better and eating very little on his own but no where near enough...
  2. G

    Poops different

    Hi everyone, my guinea pig Charlies' poop looks different than it usually is he seems to be eating and is still acting fine but, his poop is longer and skinnier than normal anybody have any ideas? Gonna hopefully get him to the vets' tomorrow. Thank you.
  3. D

    Guinea pig poop 💩

    Hey guys (= My guinea pig poop is light brown and I found out it's because of dehydration. I'm feeding him half of a cucumber every day and he also drinks water, but the poop is still light brown. What should I do? He eats healthy and properly.
  4. lauryn1289

    Not interested in food?

    Hi everyone, my 6 1/2 year old boy Kip isn’t really interested in food right now. He ate a small bit of cucumber and apple and I gave him a few mls of cc but I’m concerned. I went for a nap around 11:30am this morning and overslept until 3pm because I forgot to set an alarm and he was absolutely...
  5. RheMae

    Learning about impaction, not a ton of accurate information out there?

    Hi all! Sorry if this is the wrong thread, still learning my way around. Trigger warning! Talk of poop, probably don't read if grossed out by that ☺️ Recently, I noticed one of my two boys had an impaction during syringe feeding. It was tiny, but nevertheless, I put my gloves on and got to...
  6. D

    Is small poop normal in a 3 month old guinea pig?

    Hi everyone, This is my first thread, so I apologize if this is the incorrect place to post this question, or if I leave something out. I've recently gotten a sweet little girl named pork chop, and she's about 3 months old. I've noticed her poops are very small compared to my other guinea pigs...
  7. Puddles1999

    Abnormal poops

    A little while ago, I’ve posted that one of my girls has weird poops. They had a slight point to them and lately I’ve noticed even weirder poops in their cage. I will include a picture. I seen that it could be dehydration but I’ve seen them both drinking. It seems like their water bottle has not...
  8. PinkCoatGirl

    Ovarian Cancer

    My poorly Lilly pig is just shy of her 3rd birthday and has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I noticed blood in her urine, the only sign that anything was wrong. And with her cage mate not long having recovered from a UTI I took Lilly to the vets. I knew something was amiss as there was no...
  9. Eggfriend

    Poop Stuck

    i picked up my female guinea pig and noticed she has a poop pellet stuck in her vagina. She and her sister are my first guinea pigs, so I'm not very well knowledged in guinea pigs. Does this hurt her? Should I take her to a vet?
  10. Mrs Guinea Pig

    Female Cyclic Problem - Piggy Poops Getting Stuck And Jaw Trouble

    Hi there. Frankie is a sow who is about 2. We've spent over £1000 on different vets for her, including exotic specialists and they don't have a clue. She was a rescue pig and when we got nearly two years ago she was very small and had little hard poops. we were told she was the runt of a litter...