poorly piggie

  1. G

    Advice on eye removal

    Hi, looking for advice (I'm Based in UK). I've been guinea pig owner for a while no but never had eye issue with my piggies before. I've took my piggy to the vets on Monday. Where we were given eye drops and pain relief. It's been five days now. Took him back for a follow up appointment. Where I...
  2. Jasmined

    Do I need a second opinion on Poppies eye?

    Hi! Last night I noticed my one year old female guinea was the slightest bit swollen and teary in one eye. Checked again in the morning and it was definitely a little more swollen but I wasn’t sure if it was serious or something that may pass. The vet I use is obviously operating differently...
  3. The Mad House

    Weight Loss (Could it be the Antibiotics?)

    Hi Guys, I thought long and hard about posting this (the last time I posted was a while ago) and I guess I'm looking to see if anyone else has experience with this and if anyone has any advice. I need to explain a few things before I get to the questions though. I also want to preface this by...