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  1. K

    Does this look normal?

    One of my girls has a lighter brown poo color. They’re both eating, drinking, and acting normally. I’m just anxious and am wondering if this looks okay?
  2. N

    Poo size

    Hi everyone I have a question. I noticed today (I probably just haven't noticed before) that one of my boys poos tend to be different sizes. They look properly formed, he's eating constant and drinking as normal and nothings changed, however I am a worrier. I have added a photo can someone tell...
  3. Yasmin

    Straining guinea pig

    Hello. One of my boars strains and makes a low noise before he passed poop. The poop comes out fine and normal and I keep checking for impaction but it's not that. What could it be? Many thanks.
  4. TheLottiediarys

    Rabbit Had The Runs :( What Could Be Causing It?

    Floppsys got a bit of the runs, her poo's are very wet and keep ending up stuck to her bum fur, does anyone know what type of food might be causing this so I can reduce it? She has a range of foods at the moment, including some lettuce like cos, round and gem, some spinach, some kale, some...