1. furmom.pau

    Weird sounds while popcorning

    They're kind of playing and then afterwards they'll chase each other and popcorn while making whining sounds and also while rumblestrutting? 😂 So fun to watch.. Oh these little monsters. It's so weird tho I dont know if they're annoyed or too excited...this is after I cleaned their enclosure...
  2. Lizzieejoyce

    Pelvic thrusting

    Hello everyone! My two sows (sisters, approx 4 years old) regularly thrust their pelvis once and quite slowly/deeply usually when they’re popcorning. There’s no seasonal pattern it’s just very frequent. I’m super confused and can only imagine it’s hormonal. Any clue?
  3. Kawts

    Baby guinea pig popcorning so much she falls over!

    Hi all, I recently added a 7 week old female guinea to our clean of two other females. Her name is Toffee. She runs around and popcorns A LOT, but today her popcorning frightening me. Two or three times, she popcorned and fell over, continuing to twitch on the floor for a couple of seconds...
  4. C

    Seizures? Or just being weird?

    So my piggie is definitely a weird one, she’s veryyy special 🤣, slow, if you will LOL. So I’ve always thought this thing she does was just another one of her weird quirks with no explanation. Everytime we have her out of her enclosure, like on the floor in a room, or on a bed or couch, she’ll...
  5. Chip Lillis

    Are my pigs unhappy?

    I have three girls in an 18 square foot cage. All their needs are accommodated for; food, comfy houses, open space. I don’t have many toys, but I don’t think chew toys would really solve my issue. They don’t ever get the zoomies anymore, nor do they often popcorn. I think they do on occasion...
  6. T

    Popcorning/ Flopping?

    My guinea pig Kookie is around 5 months old and popcorns pretty frequently but I’ve recently found that when I scratch his back, he popcorns on my chest? It’s moreso him flipping onto his stomach and I really don’t think he’s asking for tummy scratches. Does anyone else’s piggie do this? We were...
  7. BaconChunksMom

    Biting and chattering teeth at me to play?

    My Cavy Bacon Chunk has a really weird way of playing, he calls me in by weaking (when he already has all his food and water) just to play. He’ll stand up in his cage and wait for me to put my hand in he’ll bite me and then popcorn, then he’ll continue a few more times if he gets to nip at me or...
  8. S

    New Guinea Pigs Behaviour

    Hello! I’m new here as I have just got my little guinea pigs 😁 they are 2 months old and came home with me 5 days ago now. Me and my boyfriend already have so much love for them and spend a lot of time talking to them, holding and stroking them. I will attach a little video of them in their play...
  9. C

    Is He Okay?

    Hey, SO I was here around a month against with concerns over my new Guinea pigs, Trevor, behaviour. He bites at the bars a lot, which has made neighbours complain and now we're moving him into a 6 foot long, foot 1/2 wide "fish tank" with an open top. He's very very skittish even though I've...