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possible seizure

  1. katja.b

    Vertigo episodes at 3.5 y o boar

    Hi dear forum! I have been reading a lot of good advice here while googling guinea pig stuff, so now I registered in hope of maybe receiving some hints or help with my guinea pig’s health issue 😔 Toblerone is an agouti abyssinian 3.5 years old. Earlier he was diagnosed with spondylosis so he...
  2. T

    Specialist Epilepsy/Seizures in guinea pigs?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this. I have a 4.5 y/o sow called Trixie. She is very smart and very clever. Within the last year she has been having things that look like seizures. These are definitely not popcorns - when they happen she falls on her side and...
  3. C

    Seizures? Or just being weird?

    So my piggie is definitely a weird one, she’s veryyy special 🤣, slow, if you will LOL. So I’ve always thought this thing she does was just another one of her weird quirks with no explanation. Everytime we have her out of her enclosure, like on the floor in a room, or on a bed or couch, she’ll...
  4. P

    PLEASE HELP- weird seizure-like thing

    My piggie Popcorn was just eating hay, and still is, when I looked up and suddenly she was in the position she gets into when she stretches, except she was more on her side and it seemed only one arm was out (i couldnt see much since it was quick and her side was facing me. She seemed to almost...